Location: Private practice in Beverly Hills, next door to the Peninsula Hotel

Contact: assist@deeplyconscious.com

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Sebastian Siegel and Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche discussing

purpose and compassion

Sebastian Siegel and James Hollis at the Goethe-Institut exploring shadow

Sebastian Siegel and Stan Grof discussing death and transcendence

Sebastian Siegel and don Miguel Ruiz

talking human connection

Sebastian Siegel and Michael Berg at the Kabbalah Center

Sebastian Siegel and Ken Wilber in Colorado

photo: Jason Lange
photo: Jason Lange
photo: Jason Lange
photo: Jason Lange
photo: Shan Liljestrand
photo: Brian Berger

Treat yourself or someone you care for to a custom binaural, guided meditation with orchestra music. Book for yourself, a couple, or for up to two hundred people for a very special occasion.

** Guided binaural, transcendental meditations are available for purchase (can be sent to download to your playlist).